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How to Store & Display Taxidermy to Prevent Damage

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This on-demand course gives you tips on how to prevent damage to your taxidermy collection by creating a proper storage and display environment. Art conservator Fran Ritchie leads you through the environmental agents of deterioration that affect taxidermy and gives you practical advice on how you should display, store, and handle your collection. Preventive care is the best care - by providing a good environment, you can avoid deterioration caused by temperature, relative humidity, light, handling, and pollutants, as well as protect against biological attacks from pests and mold. Fran explains each risk through real-life taxidermy examples. By the end of this short course, you will know how to make quick and easy changes that will have a lasting impact on your taxidermy collection. Information is intended for museum professionals looking to expand their knowledge in this area. However, maintaining a good environment for taxidermy mounts is not only attainable for large museums with big budgets. This class presents museum standards as well as ways all of us can perform preventive care for taxidermy in our homes and private collections. CLICK THE INSTRUCTOR PROFILE BELOW TO LEARN MORE ABOUT FRAN RITCHIE.





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