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The INHA, a non-profit organization, welcomes you to be part of a diverse community which shares the common goals of protecting and preserving exhibits and collections while advancing how they are produced and conserved.


Remember your first visit to a natural history museum? Museums’ heritage halls have inspired countless generations, even encouraging some to dedicate their careers to the associated arts and sciences. From professional scientists and artists to general enthusiasts with a passion for learning more, we seek to form an inclusive group working towards a common purpose of preserving these wonders.  The INHA welcomes anyone interested in natural history and its diverse branches to join us as a member.

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Are you a budding naturalist looking to broaden your education in the field of natural history arts? Have you chosen a path of higher learning geared towards a natural history related field? The INHA welcomes any current student (ranging from high school to graduate school) interested in natural history and its diverse branches. 



Have you made significant contributions to the field of natural history arts or its associated disciplines? The INHA welcomes you to join our professional community as a Fellow of the INHA (FINHA). This unique honor embodies the spirit of our organization and will be bestowed upon those who are voted in by our internal Fellowship Committee. We invite those who are either professionals or non-professionals, who have contributed in ways that align with our mission and values, to apply for designation as Fellows.