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Educational programs encompass both introductory and advanced levels, as well as programs tailored specifically to museum professionals. Introductory classes serve as a public outreach, bringing awareness to the importance of historic exhibits and collections. Professional programs give museum staff an in depth look at the various aspects of taxidermy and exhibit fabrication, in ways not previously available. For each level of experience, anticipated course options will include classes in the field, in the studio, and online.

For field experience, sign up for an expedition class at our 270 acre historic Catskill Biological Field Station just 150 miles from New York City.


Studio classes will give students the opportunity to work in a space which is actively servicing museums, enhancing the overall experience and fortifying a real-life connection.


Online courses will be taught by leading professionals in all disciplines of natural history arts and science. Students will learn rare skills that have been passed on from master to apprentice for generations. 



Take an in-person course at the world-renowned George Dante Studios, headquarters to the Institute for Natural History Arts, just outside of New York City. The studio has been producing and restoring museum exhibits from around the world for almost 30 years. Join George, his staff, and visiting educators for a unique opportunity to learn within this working space.

Payment Plans  are available.

Please contact our office for more information


Select from a varied menu of online courses taught by leading natural history arts professionals, scientists, and educators through the INHA. Depending on the course, online programs will be offered as pre-recorded, self-guided courses or live virtual sessions with the instructor. 



Experience a Catskill Mountain expedition on our 270-acre historic Catskill Biological Field Station. Led by active professionals, these immersive courses allow participants to learn and work outside in an environment reminiscent of the early days of natural history exploration, discovery, and adventure.

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